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Mount Lavinia
Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Population 18,933,558 (Sinhala 74%, Tamil 18%, Moor 7%, Others 1%)
Geography Area: 25,332 square miles.
Commercial Capital: Colombo.
Location: In Indian Ocean off south east cost of India.
Government Type Republic.
Local Divisions: 25 Administrative Districts.
Economy Industries: Clothing, Agriculture Processing, Oil Refining, Textiles
Main Crops: Tea, Coconuts, Rice, Sugar Cane
Minerals: Graphite, Limestone, Gems, Phosphates
Other Resources: Forests, Rubber
Labour Force: 42% Agriculture, 40% Services
Finance Monetary Unit: Rupee
Per Capita GDP: US$ 3,760
Imports: US$ 5 Billion. Exports: US$ 4 Billion.
Education Free and compulsory.
Literacy rate 88%
Main International Organizations UN (FAO, IBRD, ILO, IMF, IMO, WHO, WTrO), Commonwealth